Is Google Glass Ready for Prime Time?

Paul Cheung and Google Glass

Asian American Journalists Association National President Paul Cheung adjusts his Google Glass while making a presentation during the Media Access Workshop held in Chicago on 26 April, 2014. There is no evidence that Mr. Cheung is a “Glasshole”. Photo Credit: Audrey F. Henderson, All Rights Reserved.


Angry Internet discussion board posts describe violent actions that the writers pledge to take against anyone they witness wearing them. Restaurant proprietors and other business owners have requested (or ordered) people sporting the hardware to leave their establishments. Said wearers have retaliated with derogatory reviews on rating sites and in social media. Meanwhile, the product is still in development, but presently carries a $1,500 price tag nonetheless.

Ready or Not, Google Glass Is a Real Thing

“It” is Google Glass, and ready or not, the wearable technology is out in the wild. If you have not yet encountered someone sporting Glass, wait. You will.

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